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Engineered Comfort Solutions, Inc. (ECS) is a service, mechanical and building automation-energy management based company. With over 26-years of experience, ECS fully accepts the challenges and demands of the commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC and Building Automation industry. Choosing just any contractor can lead to costly repairs and prolonged discomfort. Our highly experienced, licensed technical service and construction divisions can assist you throughout every phase of the process to guarantee quality results. A brief overview of our services and products that we provide to our clients are, but not limited to, the following:


  • Experienced
  • Competitive Rates
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Web-based Dispatch and Documentation
  • Daily Electronic Field Reports
  • Service History Database and Document Management
  • Client Training and Seminars
  • National Service and Agreements


  • OSHA-30 Certified
  • Certified Lift Equipment Operators
  • Arch Flash Hazard

  • Mechanical Engineer on Staff
  • Consulting, Design Build and Engineering Services
  • Preventive Maintenance and Priority Service Contracts
  • Guaranteed 2-Hour Emergency Response
  • Certified Welding and Pipe Fabrication
  • Green Pipe Certified
  • Pipe Systems
  • Steam Regulators / Reducing Station
  • Heat Exchangers / Heat Transfer Systems
  • Fluid and Steam Coil Replacement
  • Heat Recovery
  • Vapor Power Steam Generators
  • Boilers and Water Heaters


  • Chillers all Types and Manufacturers
  • Air Handling Equipment
  • Make-up Air Systems
  • Ventilation
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Dehumidification / Humidification
  • All HVAC Applications
  • Controls (pneumatic, electric)
  • Energy Management Systems all Manufacturers
  • LON Open Systems
  • Circon / Efficient Building Automation Company
  • Tridium Certified
  • BacNet and Native BacNet integrators
  • Variable Frequency Drives all Manufacturers
  • Emergency Generators

These products/services are the result of our many years of experience in the field, our dedication to training and education as well as our ability to produce a quality job in a more efficient manner. Engineered Comfort Solutions, Inc. has firmly established itself in the industry by providing prompt, efficient and quality assured service. All emergency service requests shall have immediate response without exception. Whether you have a nuisance hot or cold spot, emergency break down, plan and spec design or a "design build" project please consider ECS for your future HVAC repairs, service maintenance contract, facility expansion or renovation.